Tuesday, August 17, 2010

News & Links List

"Real Reason for Ousting H.P.’s Chief" NYTimes

"What Happened to Yahoo" Paul Graham
Insightful post on Yahoo's decline.

"Startups Or Behemoths: Which Are We Going To Bet On?" TechCrunch, Vivek Wadhwa

"Why Serial Entrepreneurs Can't Stop: They aren't greedy. They just want to change the world." Forbes

"Korean Police Raid Google Offices Over Privacy Concerns" Fast Company

"Facebook's Foursquare competitor is imminent" CNET

"Why Google Became A Carrier-Humping, Net Neutrality Surrender Monkey (UPDATED)" WIRED

"Internet, schminternet" Buzz Machine

"How Google & Apple Sold Out The Cell Phone Revolution" Search Engine Land

"Is Boston Becoming a Hub for Female Tech Entrepreneurs? Maybe, and Here’s Why" Xconomy

"How Alexander Straub used visual search technology to build fashion startup Empora" Sprouter Blog

"Oracle sues Google over Android and Java" CNET

"Initial Thoughts on Oracle vs Google Patent Lawsuit" Miguel de Icaza's web log

"After beating Microsoft, VirnetX hits Apple with patent suit" ComputerWorld

"Detergent brand uses GPS to bring prizes to people's homes" Springwise

"1962 glass could be Corning's next bonanza seller" AP

"What We Can Learn from Babies: Experimentation, Failure & Creative Genius" The 99%

"The World's Most Innovative Restaurant Interiors" Fast Company's Co.Design

"Decline and Fall of the Vanguard Foundation" Blue Avocado

"Book Review: The Ling Sisters’ Joint Memoir on NK" KoreAm

"Evangelical Leaders Pan Qur'an Burn Plan
NAE issues public plea. Richard Land calls it "appalling, disgusting, and brainless."
Christianity Today

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