Tuesday, July 27, 2010

News & Links List

"Why The Most Interesting Man in the World Moves More Units Than Mustafa" Fast Company

"The 2010 Top 25 Women in Tech to Watch" AlwaysOn

"XX Combinator: It's Time To Found A Startup Accelerator For Women In Their 40s" Business Insider, Fred Wilson

"Asia Dominates Top 100 Fastest Internet Cities List" GigaOm

"Wisconsin: Land of Beer, Cheese, and…Startups" TechCrunch

"Map of Boston's Early-Stage Tech Investor Ecosystem" David B. Lerner

"Foursquare hits 100 million 'check-ins'" Telegraph

"Less Than 1 Year Until The Internet Runs Out of Addresses" ReadWriteWeb

"Are Location-Based Services All Hype?" ReadWriteWeb

"The problem with Groupon" Rashmi’s blog

"Galaxy Phones From Samsung Are Worthy iPhone Rivals" WSJ, Walt Mossberg

"Apple’s Rotten Response" Newsweek, Daniel Lyons

"Sorry, No, I’m Not Going to Write a Piece Arguing That Dan Lyons Is a Jackass" Daring Fireball

"iPhony 4: Did Steve Jobs Mislead the Public About Delaying Korean Launch?" Fast Company

"Where Facebook's half a billion users reside" O'Reilly Radar

"The World's Most Valuable Teams And Athletes" Forbes

"Rhee dismisses 241 D.C. teachers; union vows to contest firings" The Washington Post

"The Vast Left-Wing Media Conspiracy" WSJ, Fred Barnes

"Oliver Stone: 'Jewish-Dominated Media' Prevents Hitler from Being Portrayed 'in Context'" NewsBusters

"WikiLeaks Rolled Dice to Raise Its Profile
Website Collaborated With Mainstream Media on Afghan Leaks After Previous Scoops Failed to Win Enough Attention"

"Former Combat Soldier-Activist Paul Rieckhoff on Wikileaks and Founder Julian Assange" Fast Company

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