Wednesday, July 7, 2010

News & Links List

"America's Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs" BusinessWeek

"Android 2.2 demolishes iOS4 in JavaScript benchmarks" Ars Technica

"Google to Push Android Deeper into Asia" Business Week

"All 5 US variants of the Samsung Galaxy S compared" MobileCrunch

"Samsung Bets On Smartphone Success: Samsung is bucking the predominant one-carrier-per-phone model with its Galaxy S smartphone." Forbes

"Why Apple's iPhone 4 Update Won't Fix Your Reception Problem" Gizmodo

"Translation From Apple’s Unique Dialect of PR-Speak to English of the ‘Letter From Apple Regarding iPhone 4’" Daring Fireball

"Asia Now First, Fastest-Growing Region for Twitter" ReadWriteWeb

"Foursquare Launches Location Layers - This is Big" ReadWriteWeb

"'Google Me' Social Network Rumors Fueled: It's Real, Heavily Staffed" Fast Company

"More on Google's 'Facebook Killer'" Fortune's Google's 24/7

"Ask Maggie: On iPhone or Android; the Verizon iPhone; and buying refurbs" CNET

"Meet Cisco Cius: Android tablet for workers, students. Watch out, iPad?" ZDNet

"Cisco announces the 7-inch Cius Android Tablet" CrunchGear

"Everything You Need to Know About Android 2.2, aka Froyo" GigaOm

"Hate your commute? Then pity workers in Beijing, Mexico City" Reuters

"Mel Gibson Puts Foot in Mouth and Production Company in Toilet" BNET

"Three moral dimensions to fight in Afghanistan" The Washington Post, Chris Seiple

"Obama's CEO problem -- and ours" The Washington Post, Fareed Zakaria

"Al Gore Gone Wild: Masseuse Alleges 'Unwanted Sexual Contact' (Updated)" Gawker

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