Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Importance of Culture in Building Your Startup

Here are some great articles/links that help you think about the importance of culture in building a new company (Yes, I had to plug in my own:). Also a couple articles below present alternative paths to the traditional venture-backed route of startups, but in either situation culture is still critical for a company to become successful. Remember that the foundational culture matters and the little things are even more important as you create your startup's culture.

"Tony Hsieh: Company culture is #1 priority
CEO of Zappos.com argues for the importance of having company culture and values as top priorities"
Vator News

"Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast" InsideWork, Dan Wooldridge

"Is Entrepreneurship Just About the Exit?" TechCrunch, Vivek Wadhwa

"These Companies Are Built To Enjoy" Forbes, Sramana Mitra

"Cash-strapped entrepreneurs get creative" BBC

"Want to be the next Google? Create enduring values" VentureBeat, Bernard Moon

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