Thursday, June 3, 2010

News & Links List

"Tesla’s Elon Musk: 'I ran out of cash'" VentureBeat

"Facebook CEO’s latest woe: accusations of securities fraud" VentureBeat

"Facebook's Culture Problem May Be Fatal" Harvard Business Review

"Palm loses mobile design guru Matias Duarte" CNET

"Ex-Fortune trio aims to spark new dialogue" CNET

"The reason Robbie Bach was fired" Asymco
Theory on the firing of this Microsoft executive.

"Google I/O 2010 - Native Client, Unity, & Chrome Web Store" Gamasutra

"GeeksOnAPlane In Korea: 12 Demos From Local Startups" TechCrunch

"The Regulatory Threat To Web Video" Forbes, Bret Swanson

"Brand New Cities: The Pearl in Qatar or Songdo in South Korea could be your next vacation spot." Forbes

"Time will tell on BP's 'top kill' plan for capping oil leak" USAToday

"Sloppy Reporting from The NY Times on Carried Interest Debate" peHUB, Jeff Bussgang

"The Millionaire Cop Next Door" Forbes, Rich Karlgaard

"ObamaCare vs. Small Business
Why the National Federation of Independent Business supports the constitutional challenge to the health-insurance mandate."

"Bill Clinton has evolved into Obama's Mr. Fix-It" The Washington Post

"Barack Obama's credibility hits rock bottom after oil spill and Sestak scandal" Telegraph

"Venting Online, Consumers Can Find Themselves in Court"

"iPhone apps lets users earn cash for small tasks" Springwise

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