Tuesday, June 1, 2010

News & Links List

(Lots to catch up on since I was in Beijing last week)

"How Google Voice got me out of a bind" CNET

"Android beats iPhone in China" Fortune

"Google Tries To Prove Its Economic Value, but Fails" BNET

"Study: Pac-Man on Google wasted 4.8 million hours" CNET

"The Tragic Cost of Google Pac-Man – 4.82 million hours" The Rescue Time Blog

"Carol Bartz To Michael Arrington: “F*ck Off!”" TechCrunch
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"Google Now Activating 100,000 Android Devices A Day — 50,000 Android Apps" TechCrunch

"Google Android smacks down Windows Mobile in latest Gartner data" ZDNet

"Android 2.2 'Froyo' beta hands-on: Flash 10.1, WiFi hotspots, and some killer benchmark scores" Engadget

"Nvidia's Android Tablet: Okay, I Could Want This" Gizmodo

"Android Gets Facebook Graph API Before the iPhone" All Facebook

"Four Reasons Google Needed to Be in TV" BNET

"Did Google Just Kill Boxee, Roku and TiVo?" NewTeeVee

"Google v Apple can only have one loser – Microsoft" Telegraph

"'F--- those motherf---ers': YouTube/Viacom suit gets nasty" Ars Technica

"Google finally reveals AdSense cut: 68% on content" BuzzMachine

"Study: 60 Percent of Facebook Users Mulling to Quit" PCWorld

"Sayonara, iPhone: Why I'm Switching to Android" Newsweek

"Mayor Bloomberg Calls For More NYC Startups At TechCrunch Disrupt (update: transcript)" TechCrunch

"Forbes buys self-publishing news site True/Slant" VentureBeat

"Immigration Is U.S.: Immigrants confirm America's status as the one great global power not just in its trade and influence but in its people and culture." Forbes, Joel Kotkin

"Warren Buffett Is All Wrong About Goldman" Forbes, Shaun Rein

"Stealth Legislation to Federally Fund Human Cloning" Center for Bioethics & Culture, Wesley J. Smith

"Landis admits doping, accuses Lance" ESPN

"Head of Lab That Landis Criticized Feels Vindicated" NYTimes

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