Friday, June 11, 2010

Indy Inc, A Non-Profit Incubator

Very cool, organization I came across. Indy Inc is a new non-profit incubator that helps new causes for free. Yes, FREE. So if you're a trying to jumpstart a new cause-based organization or a non-profit, world-changing organization, I would consider applying to this incubator. More from their site:

Indy Inc. is a non-profit incubator that supports non-profit visionaries and social entrepreneurs with exciting, scaleable ideas to make the world a better place. Groups supported by Indy Inc. range from orphanages and charities to private companies with social missions. We look for ideas with the potential to change a field, work on an unknown cause or issue, or simply do something better than most. Supported fellows can be individuals who haven’t yet started an organization, a group of friends who are moving towards a foundation, or an early-stage non-profit or corporation.

Even in difficult economic times, there is always money out there for non-profits and social ventures with solid ideas, honest methods and transparent accounting. However, most foundations look for a track record of at least a few years, and expect to support existing work. And in a world where everyone wants to fund programs and no one likes funding overhead, it’s rather difficult for non-profits and organizations to get off the ground and running. It’s always been hard for non-profits to find support in the earliest stages, often before they have enough resources for even a single full-time staff member or a physical office.

Indy intends to bridge that gap – to identify new ideas and candidates and support them through the beginning stages, however long it takes, until they are ready to “graduate” and reach the next stage.

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