Wednesday, March 31, 2010

News & Links List

"Who Pays for ObamaCare?" Forbes' The Science Business

"Progressives' Strategic Choices on Health Care Likely Made Little Difference" FiveThirtyEight

"'Basically an Optimist'—Still
The Nobel economist says the health-care bill will cause serious damage, but that the American people can be trusted to vote for limited government in November."

"The ObamaCare Writedowns
The corporate damage rolls in, and Democrats are shocked!"

"God Gets His Healthcare Bill" Bully!Pulpit, Paul Kengor

"Why Google Sucks at Marketing" BNET

"Google Fiber Candidates: Top 5 Desperate Cities" PCWorld

"Google leaving China: Better late than never" CNET

"Doing business in China getting tougher for U.S. companies" Mercury News

"Apple Store Cube Is More Popular Landmark Than Statue of Liberty: Cornell Report" Fast Company

"Is Facebook to blame for U.K. rise in syphilis?"

"MyTown Hits 1.5 Million Location-Based Gamers; Ups The Social With Version 3.0" TechCrunch

"Virtually addicted: Weaning Koreans off their wired world"

"Five Funniest Media Stories - the Special Geo-Location Edition" BNET

"A Billionaire's Pact With God" Forbes

"Pope accused of ignoring pleas to stop priest who molested 200 deaf boys" Times Online

"Nazi scandal engulfs Human Rights Watch" Times Online

"Grieving mothers blame baby slings for infant deaths" CNN

"Autistic teen picks perfect bracket" ESPN

"If You're Good, I'll Buy You a Toy
The difference between bribing your child and rewarding your child."

"Every Urban Prep senior is college-bound
100 percent of first senior class at all male, all African-American Englewood academy is accepted to universities"
Chicago Tribune

"Fatty foods may cause cocaine-like addiction" CNN

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