Friday, March 19, 2010

News & Links List

"Tim O'Reilly: 'Whole Web' is the OS of the future" CNET

"How Tech Can Save News Media from Financial Tsunami" BNET

"The Secret to Funny or Die's Success: Celebrities, Product Placement, and Above All Else, Funny" Fast Company

"Why "Tron Legacy" Will be Awesome: the Director's an Architect" Fast Company

"China’s Internet obsession
People in the country’s 60 largest cities spend 70 percent of their leisure time online. Seismic changes in the consumer market are likely as a result."
McKinsey Quarterly

"What’s next for global banks
Banking giants in emerging markets will probably do well in any likely economic scenario. Other banks face a more challenging future."
McKinsey Quarterly

"High-Growth Firms Account for Disproportionate Share of Job Creation, According to Kauffman Foundation Study" Kauffman Foundation

"Obama Should Focus On Jobs Not Health Care" The Huffington Post

"Slaughter House Rules
How Democrats may 'deem' ObamaCare into law, without voting."

"Why Health Care Costs Keep Rising: What You Need to Know" ABCNews

"First Thoughts on the CBO Score" The Atlantic

"CBO: Obamacare Would Cost Over $2 Trillion" Weekly Standard

"Donor bill would help prevent exploitation: POINT OF VIEW Egg donation measure" NewsOK

"$30,000 Millionaires: Douchebags in the Mist
Venturing into the Dallas jungle in search of the elusive $30,000 millionaire: Is he myth or fact?"
Dallas Observer

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