Monday, March 8, 2010

News & Links List

"The Origins Of Facebook And Its Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg" Silicon Alley Insider

"At Last -- The Full Story Of How Facebook Was Founded" Silicon Valley Insider

"The Duplicitous Deeds of Mark Zuckerberg" theAtlanticWire

"Apple approaches $200 billion" Fortune Brainstorm Tech

"Microsoft demos cross-platform game on Xbox, Windows, and Windows Phone 7" VentureBeat

"Motorola Backflip doesn't allow non-Market apps, proves AT&T doesn't get Android" Engadget

"Open Thread: When Is The Valley Worth Moving To?" ReadWriteWeb, Jolie O'Dell

"How Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities Work, In One Not-So-Easy Diagram" BNET

"Billionaire Banker's Blowout Year: Texas banker Andy Beal had a great 2009, but says we're in a credit bubble again." Forbes

"Reaching Affluents on Social Nets: Can luxury brands make friends?" eMarketer

"It Begins… Media Calls Bush-Hating, Pot Smoking, Truther & Pentagon Shooter a “Right-Wing Extremist” …Update: Shooter Linked to Al Franken …Update: He’s a Dem" Gateway Pundit

"How Obama Is Making the Same Mistakes as Bush" TIME

"Mirror, Mirror
Textbook economics is "a bizarre point of view"--according to the textbook's author!"
WSJ's Best of The Web Today
Taranto is again friggin witty and hilarious as he rips on Paul Krugman

"Why I Changed My Mind About School Reform
Federal testing has narrowed education and charter schools have failed to live up to their promise."
WSJ, Diane Ravitch

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