Friday, March 26, 2010

Blogger's New Templates... New Skin for Silicon Moon

Blogger launched some new templates in their test labs called "Blogger in Draft".

I tried it out a couple weeks ago, but didn't follow through until I got their email yesterday:

We’re excited to announce that the Blogger Template Designer is now available on Blogger in draft, Blogger’s experimental playground.

The Blogger Template Designer makes it easy to customize the look and feel of your blog without knowing any HTML or CSS. Here are a few of the new features available in the Blogger Template Designer:

* Beautiful new templates to start from
* Custom blog layouts with one, two and three columns
* Hundreds of background images
* Customizable colors, fonts, and more...

What are you waiting for? Express yourself in style with the Blogger Template Designer. Learn more at

The Blogger Team

Anyway, it's been probably 3 years since I last changed the design skin of my blog, so the timing was right to do it again.

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