Tuesday, December 1, 2009

TIME's 50 Best Inventions: No-Punt Offense (Was Belichick Right?)

I came across TIME's "50 Best Inventions of 2009" from a couple weeks ago and oddly enough it was during the week when many people were criticizing Bill Belichick for going for it on fourth down and two yards from their own 28. One of the 50 best inventions, which I don't believe should have made the list, was the "no-punt offense":

Kevin Kelley, coach of the Pulaski Academy football team in Little Rock, Ark., has called for only a single punt in the past two years. Like a seasoned gambler, Kelley has figured out that punting on fourth and long near your own end zone decreases the odds of the other team's scoring by only a relatively slim amount. So going for it will pay off in the long run: Pulaski won a state championship last year and is in the hunt this year too.

So it seems Belichick was right.

UPDATE: Following up with a search, it seems ESPN's Bill Simmons uncovered more statistics behind the seemingly no-brainer call Belichick didn't make.

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