Thursday, December 3, 2009

News & Links List

"Why entrepreneurs need to understand the route from A to B" London Business School, John Mullins

"Winners and Losers: Internet Search in China" Knowledge@Wharton

"How Google Can Help Newspapers
Video didn't kill the radio star, and the Internet won't destroy news organizations. It will foster a new, digital business model."
WSJ, Eric Schmidt

"Huffington To Murdoch: Stop ‘Pointing Fingers’"

"Real-time flight reviews via Android and iPhone" Springwise

"Getting More Out of the Conversation: The Real Real-Time Challenge" ReadWriteWeb, Adrian Chan

"Invisible but indispensable: A host of medium-sized Japanese electronics firms have developed dominant positions in many areas of technology. Can they keep them?"
The Economist

"Don't be evil, Craigslist" Startup diaries

"Common Traits of A-Players
An unscientific observation of what A-Players have in common"

"Dubai, Abu Dhabi And Debt" Forbes

"Dubai Credit Risk Falls Most in 9 Months on $26 Billion Workout" Bloomberg

"Some of Dubai World's Major Holdings Around Globe" CNBC

"The 25 Smartest People of the Decade" The Daily Beast

"Why California Is Like France" Forbes

"Searching in Vain for the Obama Magic"
Spiegel Online

"Your Life is Perfect" InsideWork, Bradley J. Moore

"Heroic Healthcare" Bully! Pulpit, Dave Dias

"Dirty-Dealing Rationalized
Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain"
InsideWork, Jim Hancock
Faith perspective on the Tiger Woods situation

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