Thursday, October 8, 2009

News & Links List

"Exclusive! Yahoo provided Iran with names of 200,000 users" ZDNet Government
Not sure why Yahoo! would do this since Iran isn't a major market.

"The Google Android party has begun" CNET

"Ad Dollars Flood to Social Nets" eMarketer

"Garmin's Nuvifone" (corporate website)

"FTC regulates our speech" BuzzMachine

"BlogHer, the FTC, ethics and conflicts of interest" by JD Lasica

"Secrets Of The Self-Made 2009" Forbes

"A global view of the housing bubble" McKinsey Quarterly

"The capitalist who loves North Korea"

"Obama's Afghan Dilemma: Go Big Or Go Home?" National Journal
High-level and screened comments on this post.

"The Conservative Case for Reform" The Washington Post, Bobby Jindal

"Obamacare: Richard “Old People Have a Duty to Die and Get Out of the Way” Lamm Wants Rationing" by Wesley Smith
Ah, Former Colorado Governor Richard Lamm. Don't let him ever run your hospital or an assisted living place where any of your relatives are.

"Roman Polanski Has a Lot of Friends" The Nation, Katha Pollitt

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