Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Disney's Excellent Move on Marvel

Missed a day of blogging. I have a lighter load this week, but obviously not with my side projects and our twin girls :)

Anyway, I really like this move by Disney ("Spider-Man Meets Mickey Mouse: Disney Buying Marvel For $4 Billion In Stock, Cash") in acquiring Marvel. Not just because I was a comic collector and huge fan of Marvel growing up, but the timing of the deal was excellent. Marvel's new strategy for movies and licensing was on the uptake with Iron Man being the first film they took full control of the production process. In the past, they weren't always happy with the end result of their licensed characters on the big screen. The results of their new approach speak for themselves with a domestic gross of $318 million and a worldwide gross revenue totaling $585 million.

After Iron Man's success, Marvel was licking their chops at their long list of untapped characters for the big screen. Now this catalog of 5,000+ characters is Disney's. Great play and acquisition.

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