Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Asia's Very Smart Cities: Songdo, Korea and Meixi Lake, China

This month's Forbes magazine has an article entitled "Asia's Smart Metropolis: South Korea's Songdo and China's Meixi Lake are spending billions on intelligent networks with an eco-vibe" where companies such as Cisco and 3M are highlighted.

What's missing in this discussion is smaller technology company I'm an advisor to called Innotive. It's led by my two close friends, Jimmy and Peter, who I did my first two startups with. Innotive is an integrated platform that allows for the convergence of rich media content through an interactive, zooming interface. It powers interactive displays at retail stores, such as BMW and Nike, and provides a control room solution to manage CCTV camera monitoring efficiently through one workstation. The latter product is called InnoWatch which will be integrated into the Songdo City project with over 1,000 touch-screen displays installed.

Songdo is a huge development project that spans over 1,500 acres, 150 buildings and will cost over $35 billion. It is not only a "smart" city but a green city that will be the largest private LEED development in the world since the whole city will be based on LEED building standards.

Below is an example of Innotive's InnoWatch solution:

A longer, detailed version of the Forbes' article was published online, "Very Smart Cities," which you can read here.

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