Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Craziness of Christine Ahn and the Korea Policy Institute

Once in a while you come across such an outlier perspective on an issue that it's difficult to categorize as "far left" or "far right." Just reading a piece by Christine Ahn and Thomas Kim of the Korea Policy Institute it's not even possible to label it "far, far left" or "extreme left" because a couple of my far left friends didn't welcome such a viewpoint so one word remains: crazy.

This is the second crazy piece I read from Christine Ahn and beginning to believe she's from the halls of Pyongyang or Venus. Her latest article, "The Untold Story Behind Human Rights Violations in North Korea," states such fantasied notions as questioning why North Korea is on the State Department's terrorist list and being "tarred with the label of human rights abuser."

I doubt recent news of North Korea's increased missile threats and the recent plight of Laura Ling and Euna Lee will sway Christine or Thomas.

They even bring forth such a frivolous argument against sanctions because "no domestic group within North Korea supports sanctions, as did the African National Congress in South Africa and the National League for Democracy in Burma." Eh? It's a dictatorship. Hello!

So do they believe there are no concentration camps in North Korea? And no human rights violations? The food aid that was flowing into North Korea for years was not being diverted to the military or black markets? Do they believe there should be increased aid from South Korea or elsewhere? All very puzzling to me.

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