Monday, June 22, 2009

More Than Money Conference, July 17th-19th

One of our companies, InsideWork, is a niche media company focused on the intersection of faith and business and is hosting an event called More Than Money in San Francisco July 17th-19th. A summary is here:

"More Than Money is a major professional finance event focused on the global economy. The keynote presentations feature top flight private fund managers, economists and experts in international finance with first rate insights into the impact of current global economics on your business and investments and your intentions to transfer those assets and responsibilities to your business successors and heirs.

InsideWork® has constructed the More Than Money conference on a robust platform of spiritually enlivened business intelligence—the Financial Times in one hand; the ancient wisdom of the Bible in the other. That’s the context in which More Than Money presents a rich understanding of strategic risk management that encompasses the whole range of capital issues, including the multigenerational relationship of capital with our emergent company leaders and children."

We have an excellent line up of speakers that includes:

- Ted Lucas, Founder & Managing Partner at Lattice Capital.

- Os Guinness, Senior Fellow at EastWest Institute, who is an excellent commentator on culture, public policy and how it intersects with faith.

- Jay Richards, Director of Media, Acton Institute & Author of Money, Greed, and God

The event is crafted to be intimate and limited to 120 attendees. It's open to all and ideally targets boomers dealing with various issues around wealth management. If you're interested in attending, register here.

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