Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sample Business Plans for Entrepreneurs

Just sharing these old business plans from the three startups I co-founded. You can click on the top link to go to the Scribd page for each document and download PDF or MSWord versions too.

GoingOn Networks Business Plan 2006
Business plan from my third startup, GoingOn Networks, which is a social media platform for companies & organizations. BusinessWeek recognized GoingOn Networks in their "Best of the Web: Social Networking Tools" list for 2007.

HeyAnita Korea Business Plan 2000
Business plan from my second startup, HeyAnita Korea, which was a voice portal and technology platform. We secured $14.5 million in venture capital that led this company to profitability.

ViewPlus Business Plan 1999
Business plan from my first startup, ViewPlus, which was a video-on-demand company. ViewPlus was admitted into's "Heaven" (investor & entrepreneur matching service during the 90s), where less than 2% of companies were accepted. We raised $600,000 in angel funding and $33 million from institutional investors.

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