Wednesday, May 6, 2009

THE POWER OF ONE, multiplied Event by LAUNCH, May 7th

HatTip to Jeremy.

InnerCircle1 is hosting their Launch series event this Thursday, May 7th in Oakland. The event is featuring Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari and inventor of PONG. Also speaking on the combined subject of gaming and social media platforms will be Ariel Polar, Nicole Lazzaro, and Andrew Mayer.

Spring 2009: THE POWER OF ONE, multiplied

With today's world the power of one individual can become truly transformational and revealing. Serendipitous relationships are created, nurtured and evolve to form greater meaning in our lives and lead to other connections and friendships.

Yet how do we help users truly unleash this power to advance career, social and possibly romantic interests? How can game play and interaction shape and encourage these experiences and results? To help guide our thoughts and ideas in this area LAUNCH, spring 2009 will focus on the power of one, multiplied - to empower users and ourselves in a connected society. Our speakers are uniquely qualified to speak on how the new world of social media and gaming is changing the way we interact.

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