Sunday, May 10, 2009

News & Links List

"Media Still Covering Up The $400 Billion Fannie And Freddie Scandal" ClusterStock

"Billionaire Donors Split With Obama on Law That May Hurt Hotels" Bloomberg
Buyer's remorse?

"I Can Only Hope This Proves To Be Inflammatory Nonsense" finem respice
Scary. Negotiation Chicago-style. I wouldn't be surprised if Obama's administration believes this to be the norm since they don't have business experience, but political and cut on the streets of Chicago.

"New Allegations Of White House Threats Over Chrysler" Clusterstock

"The Chrysler Fallout: Obama Takes Sides" The New Ledger

"Nuts: Twitter Inventor About To Launch His Next Project, Code-named Squirrel" TechCrunch

"Why $700 Million Is Too Much For Twitter" by Rory Maher

"Execs reveal why newspapers don't block Google" CNET

"Hedge Fund Start-ups: A Whole New Generation of 'Gekkos'" BNET

"Life After Wall Street
Nearly half a million jobs in the financial sector have disappeared. Here's how seven people are moving on."

"Finding Your Next Gig In Your Garage" Forbes

"What Congress Knew: Congress got 40 briefings from the CIA on interrogations." WSJ

"Torture? No. Except . . ." By Charles Krauthammer

"Jon Stewart: Truman Was a War Criminal, Too" The Weekly Standard

"Jon Stewart's Extended Interview with Cliff May"
May is the President of The Foundation for Defense of Democracies

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