Tuesday, May 26, 2009

@ 140 The Twitter Conference

I'm at 140 | The Twitter Conference over the next couple days. It's held at Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA, which is less than 10 minutes from home and right next to Google, where Christine works. The schedule is here and a snapshot here:

Keynote: The Business Value of Twitter

Alex Payne

In his keynote, Alex Payne will provide several real-world examples of how the Twitter API is delivering results for organizations large and small.

Best Practices Panel: I am a Twitter God(dess) and So Can You
Panelists: iJustine, Tara Hunt, Dave Peck Moderator: Steve Broback

Our panel of experts will discuss what strategies, tactics, and tools ahve taken them to the top of the twitosphere.

What Makes a Great Twitter App?

Panelists: Loren Brichter, Britt Selvitelle, Dom Sagolla, Moderator: Sudha Jamthe

This panel of successful developers will talk about the design and functionality choices they made

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