Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sagent Advisors and Other Boutique Investment Banks Picking Up Talent

My younger brother's firm, Sagent Advisors just opened a San Francisco office:

"The independent M&A advisory firm has hired David Bain and Michael Wilkins, both formerly at Wachovia Securities, as managing directors, further expanding its technology, media and telecommunications advisory business. Bain, 42, and Wilkins, 35, will open Sagent's new office in San Francisco."

They have also opened offices in Chicago and Charlotte while hiring in an Alternative Capital Markets team from UBS.

Sagent and other boutique (small to mid-size) investments banks are able to pick up good talent due to the huge layoffs on Wall Street and the pay limits tied to TARP money. Can we say bad policy destroying shareholder value?

More from Bloomberg, "Mack, Lewis Blame Pay Limits for Executive Departures"

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