Thursday, April 2, 2009

Road Rage Against Traffic Cameras

Hilarious article. Road rage against all these traffic cameras.

Get the Feeling You're Being Watched? If You're Driving, You Just Might Be

Cameras to Catch Speeders and Scofflaws Are Spreading -- And Sparking Road Rage

Again the U.S. is years behind Asia/Korea in terms of technology and its adoption. I'm uncertain to the exact date, but traffic cameras were implement in Korea during the late 90's. Back in 2000, when I lived in Seoul the big backlash against these traffic cameras were photos taken of traffic violators which were mailed to their homes. Some spouses would open up the envelopes to find a photo of their husbands driving some young, unknown woman in their cars. This was the typical scenario. In response, the government agency starting to blackout the passenger side of the snapshot.

Anyway, amusing video tipped to me by Shawn C...

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