Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bill Simmons on the Celtics-Bulls Series

I love ESPN's Bill Simmons. He has some of the best lines in sports journalism.

"Celtics-Bulls is one for the ages"

This is a lengthy piece and here are a few great lines:

"3. The Inefficiency

... I wish real life had inadvertent whistles.

• "Whoops, I'm drunk and I just told someone I've hooked up with four times, who has a small kid and a tattoo of poison ivy covering the bottom half of her back, that I loved her. INADVERTENT WHISTLE! Let's do that conversation over."

• "Whoops, I'm the President of the United States and I just made a Special Olympics joke on the "Tonight Show." INADVERTENT WHISTLE! Ask me that question again, Jay."

10. The Agitator

...Joakim Noah: He's like a cross between Bill Laimbeer, Marcus Camby and Lisa Bonet."

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