Friday, March 6, 2009

Pathway Program, A Korean American Mentorship Program

A couple years ago during a Mirae Foundation board meeting, which Christine and I both serve on, our colleague John Suh came up with the idea to provide an online mentoring service for young Korean Americans. Through our planning, a NetKAL group project, and my recent efforts over the past few months with Joyce, an excellent graphic designer, and Tekriti Software, our software developers, it is ready to launch.

The Pathway Program will be launching into its beta stage tomorrow at this year's KASCON 23 in Philadelphia. If you're a college student or recent graduate and seeking advice or guidance in your career path, sign up! If you're a thirty-something Korean American professional and interested in mentoring the next generation, email me. More on the program:

The Mirae Foundation, NetKAL, and Korean American Scholarship Foundation are excited to present a new way for Korean American college students and recent graduates to find and connect with mentors from various professions. Whether you are interested in becoming an artist, attorney, teacher, or nonprofit professional, we want to provide you with mentors who have a commitment towards helping the next generation in their career paths and professional development.

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