Sunday, March 22, 2009

News & Links List

"March Madness: Draws 4.8 Million Uniques During First Three Days"
Yes, I was one of these uniques and it was damn good.

"Why Advertising Is Failing On The Internet" by Eric Clemon @TechCrunch

"For Your Sunday Bullshit Reading: Search Ads Are 'Misdirection' Advertising" Search Land Engine
Danny Sullivan's response to Eric Clemon's piece.

"CNET Axes Blogger Who Exposed Privacy Issue" EFF

"Google Earth reveals fish trap made from rocks 1,000 years ago off British coast"

"46% of the Digg Front Page is Controlled by 50 Websites"

"The Top 10 States for Mortgage Fraud" Trulia

"Too Busy To Pray? Don’t Worry - Indulgences Are Back!" TechCrunch

"Cisco acquiring Flip Video-maker Pure Digital for $590 million in stock" Engadget

"Twitter applications and extensions: a list" by Adrian Chan

"American Innovation In Crisis" by Pascal Levensohn

"Outraged by Executive Compensation? Put Entrepreneurs In Charge" by Jeff Bussgang

"Hong Kong's political future: 50 Years without change … And then what?"

"Analysis: White House, Dems backpedaling on AIG" AP

"Obama In St Patrick's Day Teleprompt Blunder" Sky News

"Schwarzenegger defends Obama after TV gaffe" San Francisco Chronicle

"The AIG Outrage: The government shouldn’t run anything, because it cannot run anything." by Larry Kudlow

"Entrepreneurs vs. VCs" by Brad Feld

"Obama's AIG Panic" WSJ

"The Prime of Mr. Nouriel Roubini"

"Adam Savage: My quest for the dodo bird, and other obsessions"

At EG'08, Adam Savage talks about his fascination with the dodo bird, and how it led him on a strange and surprising double quest. It's an entertaining adventure through the mind of a creative obsessive.

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