Monday, March 16, 2009

News & Links List

"Digg Founder Launches WeFollow, A User-Generated Twitter Directory" Mashable

"At SXSW, attendees confront Twitter saturation" CNET

"15 Hot New Technologies That Will Change Everything" CIO

"Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable" by Clay Shirky
Excellent piece.

"Google Voice: Flawed but still awesome" CNET

"Google Reaches Out to Crush Someone"

"Google Reprices 7.6 Million Employee Stock Options" NYTimes DealBook
Good for us and Google :) Well, didn't affect us much, but definitely the hires that joined when the stock was at 700+.

"New AOL Chairman and CEO–and About-To-Be-Ex-Googler–Tim Armstrong Speaks!" BoomTown

"The Dwindling Digital Divide" eMarketer

"Tech Investing In The Downturn" Forbes

"Two-Front War Against Obamanomics" by Rich Karlgaard

"The Man Obama Double-Crossed" The Daily Beast

"Cramer Takes on the White House, Frank Rich and Jon Stewart" by Jim Cramer

"Obama too sunny?" The Atlantic's Megan McArdle


"Obama's Stem Cell Disgrace" by Guy Benson

"Dishonesty Piled Upon Dishonesty by Obama Administration on Stem Cells" Wesley Smith

"GĂ©rson’s Law: Brazil’s Corruption Catch-22" by InsideWork's Glenn McMahan

"A Taste of Failure Fuels an Appetite for Success at South Korea’s Cram Schools" NYTimes

"Former Accused Iraqi Agent - Susan Lindauer, Secret Charges and The Patriot Act in Action" Atlantic Free Press
HatTip to Dave, my friend from the far-left :)

"Suburbia R.I.P." Fast Company

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