Tuesday, February 3, 2009

1Gbps Downloading in South Korea... Most of Korea by 2012

Gizmodo is reporting that the "Korea Communications Commission is spending $24 billion to secure 1Gbps access by 2012." A friend told me that Powercomm has already provide 1Gbps services in some districts in Seoul, so I assume the 2012 date is a target for all of Seoul and other major cities.

"There's one small catch to the commission's plan, which is that only large cities in Korea will have access to the top tier broadband. But surrounding smaller areas will still have access to 50 to 100 Mbps speeds...or about 10 to 20 times the speed of what I get in my DSL-only apartment building."

The amusing part of the Gizmodo piece above is that there is no small catch. Almost half of South Korea's 46 million live in Seoul alone. Most people live in large cities.

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