Wednesday, January 21, 2009

YouNoodle... A Startup Platform

I came across YouNoodle recently. Pretty cool idea for young entrepreneurs and the college crowd. It's always great to encourage and support entrepreneurship for the next generation.

YouNoodle provides a platform for college entrepreneurship clubs and competitions. They have tools to manage business plan competitions and other events. YouNoodle also has an interesting tool called Startup Predictor:

"Startup Predictor is the first in a series of decision-making tools YouNoodle plans to introduce for the startup industry. Our development team studied thousands of current and past startups, using both publicly available and proprietary data, to determine patterns of predictive factors for early-stage companies' success. You can try the test for free."

An immediate benefit is their community where you can find startups, entrepreneurs, talent, and overall networking to help build your business or find a good one to join.

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