Monday, January 12, 2009

"The Trouble With Romance" Release

Our friend's movie is being release on pay-per-view or on-demand on February 1st. It's theatrical release will be on February 27th at New York's Quad Cinema theaters. Check local listings in NYC for showtimes or visit their website here.

It's cool that Warner Bros picked it up for distribution, but it is a low budget independent movie so Gene and his colleagues don't have the marketing muscle behind it. Hopefully some buzz will occur if there is strong widespread acceptance.

Also Mayor Gavin Newsom's new wife has a prominent role in the movie, so for you SFers check it out :)

San Francisco Chronicle Film Review:


"An extraordinarily engaging, well-written and creatively filmed romantic comedy comprised of four stories set in hotel rooms on the same floor... Rhee's feature debut is in some ways a textbook for how to make a great low-budget feature: Start with a really good, tightly written script, hire some terrific, trained, hungry actors and shoot it economically on small interiors. For an audience, it's a winning combination."

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