Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Social Media 'Experts' are the Cancer of Twitter"... Holy Hilarious Fanboy

Wow. has a hilarious and spot-on post about Twitter. It's probably more amusing since I've been actively using Twitter over the past month, and I kept coming across people that are "social media experts." I would wince and wonder why are they an "expert"? I visit their blog or website and still wonder. So has expressed similar thoughts but in public and has eloquently described the landscape for our enjoyment:

"The zombies then seek each other: You’ll always notice that of the 5,000 followers that a social media expert has that all 5,000 of them are also social media “experts”. Their only form of conversation is to quote each other and live tweet conferences where they gather...

On a related note there’s also a related clan of zombies which are the SEO “experts” — these creatures are a blue collar variation of the social media experts and usually have the term “web master” in their bio. Sometimes the social media and SEO zombies can mate to produce a marketing strategy monster, but most of these are harmless as they don’t use the auto-follow technique..."

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