Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Netexplorateur 100 Released!

Forum Netexplorateur is a technology and digital culture conference held in Paris every year. They recently released their hot list of emerging innovations called the Netexplorateur 100. The conference organizers of Open Web Asia, which I'm a part of, contributed to their selection process. More from their announcement:

To reveal emerging innovations in the way Internet and digital media are used, the forum’s founders had the idea of a global selection of the most promising initiatives in digital culture, the Netexplorateur 100. The pioneers on the annual list publish Web 2.0 sites, software or electronic games, break new ground in culture or education, invent new forms of citizenship or transform management methods and business models. These 100 “Netexplorateurs” are blazing trails in the Web’s uncharted territories and developing new practices that are likely to have significant economic or social impact. They embody the future of the Net and, more generally, the digital era.

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