Wednesday, October 29, 2008

VentureBeat's Downturn RoundTable

VentureBeat hosted a Downturn RoundTable this evening. Some good insights and information for you entrepreneurs out there. Here are the list of participants:

* John Doerr, Kleiner Perkins
* Ram Shriram, early investor in and founding board member at Google
* Ron Conway, arguably the most prolific Web 2.0 angel investor
* Max Levchin, Slide founder and PayPal co-founder
* Nirav Tolia, Epinions co-founder
* Matt Cohler, Benchmark Capital
* Jason Calacanis, founder of Mahalo
* Kittu Kolluri, New Enterprise Associates
* Toni Schneider, Automattic CEO

I would say a top-level economist was missing here. It would have been great to get a solid overview on the economic markets and how long they see us scraping bottom for. Could be five years, six years, or more. This might change the game plan for startups with only runway for a year. Some coverage on the discussion below.

"John Doerr: 10 ways for companies to stay afloat in rough times" VentureBeat

"VCs Speak On The Economic Downturn: Batten Down the Hatches" TechCrunch (part one)

"Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs: Make Cuts, Stay Stingy, But Never Forget The Dream" TechCrunch (part two)

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