Monday, October 20, 2008

TIME'S Hack Job on McCain

This week's cover story on Time magazine is "Does Temperament Matter? How a President's personality can determine success - or failure - in times of crisis." It's a total hack job. If you're going to endorse Obama and smear McCain, just come out and say it. It was written by one of their editors, Nancy Gibbs. Here is my letter to them:

Dear Editors,

Nice hack job by Nancy Gibbs on "Does Temperament Matter?." Where is TIME's journalistic integrity especially for a cover story? If you're going to position an article in support of Obama, it would be best to just come out and state it instead of insulting your readers' intelligence with an article that dances around its true intent. The "fiery" McCain's negatives are painted by third-party sources while the "cool" Obama is described by McCain. Wow, I wonder who sounds more credible? Anyway, if you're going to do an endorsement of Obama, you should just use this article as the foundation for the piece. Thank you.

Bernard Moon
Palo Alto, CA

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