Friday, October 10, 2008

Chor Pharn Lee's "Rise of the Rest"

My colleague, Dan Wooldridge, wrote a great post that I linked below.

The current economic crisis is one dramatic earthquake that signals fundamental and massive shifts in the world’s “tectonic plates.” Globalization, technology, and innovation have outpaced systems created in the last century. One of these shifting “plates” is the rise of Asia.

He links to Ms. Chor Pharn Lee's take on the "Rise of the Rest" by using Karl Fisch's "Did You Know 2.0" format, which I thought deserved it's own blog post here. She is a strategist with the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Singapore. Her description of the presentation:

"We created a short video to stretch our thinking for an internal brainstorming session. There are more details at

Rise of the Rest is a term coined by Fareed Zakaria on the post-American world. It is not a world marked by American decline, but the rise of everybody else. The rise of China and India are the most obvious signs, but the Gulf countries are also remaking themselves beyond hydrocarbons and so on. China and India are big but they are not the whole story."

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