Thursday, September 4, 2008

Paul Begala is a Tool and Other Comments on the RNC Convention

I just have to start off by stating that Paul Begala is a tool. He's the annoying kid in grade school that pestered everyone and thought he was witty and smart but was not. Then he grew up to be even more annoying in high school. Reminds me of Bill Maher. Anyway, I'm trying to get the transcript, but in providing his response to McCain's speech he discounted McCain's proven record of change and said that "Obama is change incarnate!"

(Double take) Eh? Obama is change incarnate? You did not just say that. What has Obama done? Sponsored a major bill? Changed campaign finance reform? Led a platoon? Led a division within a company? Ran a budget? Ran a city? What has he tangibly changed during his career? Nothing.

McCain's speech tonight was decent. It got the job done. He's never been a great orator and never will. The Republicans are riding high after this convention and I know the Dems are really worried. The liberals in the media are worried.

Also I'm not sure if this strategy of pinning McCain and Palin as a continuation of President Bush is going to work (i.e. "George W. Palin" & "RNC Video Diary: Bringing the Bush Years to the Convention" from The Huffington Post). I guess that's the most tangible strategy, but I'm not sure if it's the right path. It's seems like a general plan for any Republican candidate. It would be have most effective if the nominee was Rudy Giuliani or Mike Huckabee, but McCain has been a maverick for his career and went against his party on several major issues. We'll see how this all pans out.

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