Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ooyala Analytics Launched

@TechCrunch50 so just posting Ooyala's press release sent to me. I'm not a media company and not making money from my blog so I can be lazy :) Anyway, their tools seem pretty cool and useful.

Press Release: Ooyala Analytics
Today, Ooyala launched a complete overhaul of Backlot Analytics. Backlot Analytics is a powerful online video measurement console that delivers near real-time, comprehensive viewing metrics. The redesign of Ooyala's analytics solution makes report creation 10 times faster and gives content owners and video publishers a deeper understanding of audience reach and viewer engagement.

In addition to the speed improvements, Backlot Analytics will now provide video abandonment data, geographic distribution reports, syndication information by domain, and an API to seamlessly integrate the analytics engine into other players and homegrown applications. Providing content owners, video publishers, and advertisers detailed information about their video delivery and advertising campaigns is core to Ooyala's mission of helping media companies build businesses online. These analytics changes are integrated into Backlot, Ooyala's video syndication and monetization platform.

New Reports:
* Geo-Reporting: Country-level viewership reports allow content owners to get a global overview of where their content is being watched.
* Domain Reporting: Domain-level and syndication partnership reports give publishers visibility into which partnerships are performing.
* Customized Dashboard: Personalized reporting dashboards bring the relevant reports and data to the forefront of the application.
* Engagement Metrics: Viewer engagement reporting shows content owners where people are losing interest in their content and/or advertising.
* Analytics API: Programmatic access to reports and data allow flexible integration into existing workflows and systems.

About Ooyala
Ooyala is a video technology company that provides industry-leading solutions for managing, distributing and monetizing high-quality video online. Founded by former Google engineers in early 2007, Ooyala aims to deliver a suite of products and services from delivery to analytics to ad serving to help media companies build profitable businesses with their video assets. Ooyala's partner portfolio includes 1000s of media companies including National Geographic, Warner Brothers, TV Guide and AOL.

Since the launch of Backlot, our video syndication and monetization platform, in March 2008, we have recorded over 10,000 installs with publishers in over 25 different countries. On a monthly basis, we reach tens of millions of users in over 100 different countries.

Sample Implementations:

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