Sunday, September 21, 2008

McCain & Obama Are Idiots About Detroit... Don't Bailout The Big Three!

George Will has a good op-ed at The Washington Post, "Bailout on Wheels"

I'm disappointed in both McCain and Obama for bowing to the Big Three auto manufacturers on this bailout issue. I'm actually more disappointed in John McCain. He's a maverick and has gone against the majority and his party's leaders numerous times before. Obama has no track record of being a maverick or of standing up against greater powers, so he's hitting par for me.

The GM, Ford and Chrysler do not need help from our government and their demise will not affect our economy in a significant manner. This is a purely political situation that the auto manufacturers are taking advantage of. Michigan is such a critical state in this election that both parties have to submit to this chokehold by Detroit's Big Three. Let them survive on their own merits! Down with Detroit!

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