Monday, September 22, 2008

Help Elect Sam Yoon for Mayor of Boston in 2009!

Christine and I attended a fundraiser for Sam Yoon tonight. We were co-hosts along with many active members of the Asian American community in the Bay Area.

It was a good turnout for people interested in learning more about Sam and those that were already committed to supporting his bid to become the first Asian American mayor of Boston. Sam is a Boston City Councilor At-Large and already made history as the first Asian American ever to run for elected office in Boston (and he won!).

I'm personally crossing party lines to help him since I believe the timing and cause is good for the Asian American community (I'm a Republican and Christine is an independent). Considering contributing at his website here. Meeting Sam and listening to him allowed us to recognize his sincere desire to create a positive change in Boston. He has a big vision to make a lasting impact for his city. Who wouldn't want that for any community?

Please note that individuals may contribute up to $500 in a calendar year. Corporate contributions and contributions from foreign nationals are prohibited. Individuals under 18 years of age have an aggregate contribution limit of $25 per year.

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