Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tools of the Month... Spanish National Team, Jacob Weisberg

I typically post a couple times a year on a person or group of people that I consider tools. This past month there have been too many tools for me to just blog about one:

- Spanish National Mens Basketball Team. What a bunch of morons. I should have posted about this a couple weeks ago after this NYTimes article.

Even last week, Dan Patrick and Jim Rome both emphasized how could they not think it was racist and degrading? Two very different journalists coming to an obvious conclusion. Patrick even pointed out that during an interview Pau Gasol seemed uncomfortable and knew what they did was wrong. Did they actually believe it was a gesture to create a bond between them and the Chinese? Please. The photograph, sponsor and the whole team are idiots.

To be honest, I'm not that shocked because of my travels in Europe (I'm Asian American) and conversations with my Asian friends that have lived there. It's just widely accepted that many Europeans are just ignorant and racist when it comes to Asians. Many stories I've heard present the same childish behavior as displayed by the Spanish National Team, and of course with the same ignorant response of "what's the big deal?"

I'm very glad that we beat them in the gold medal game. Go USA! Frickin' tools deserve to lose.

- Jacob Weisberg. Slate's Editor-in-Chief wrote this genius post yesterday, "If Obama Loses Racism is the only reason McCain might beat him."

What a serious tool. Does he really believe this? Does he believe his article will help counter the Bradley Effect?

Sure, there are some racists that will not vote for Obama solely based on the color of his skin, but the vast majority have decided based on more tangible issues. More important issues. In talking with a few of friends that are Ivy League-educated, moderate Democrats, who grew up in modest-income homes (countering Weisberg's profiling) are primarily not voting for Obama because of his lack of experience. No experience in making difficult decisions in dangerous times. Heck, if he even owned a small business at one time and actually sweated over a tough decision I would personally have some confidence in him. He hasn't even been in the Senate long enough to champion real causes and fight at the table on real decisions.

Anyway, Jacob Weisberg just showed himself to be a tool. I wonder if his piece was partly out of frustration that Obama hasn't been breaking away from McCain despite how badly damaged the Bush Administration is and how uncharismatic McCain is as a candidate?

- WidgetLaboratory. After receiving some initial sympathy for getting booted from Ning's platform, they made themselves out to be tools. Serious tools. Just read the following posts:

"WidgetLaboratory Strikes Back At Ning Where It Hurts" TechCrunch

"Don’t Post The Evidence Unless It Supports Your Case" TechCrunch

The final post on the WidgetLab controversy Michael Arrington calls them "idiots," which might not mean much since he calls a lot of people "idiots" :)

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