Monday, August 4, 2008

Social Gaming Summit 2008 Follow Up

Just got a follow up email from the Social Gaming Summit, which I attended. Here are some of the sessions that were interesting:

Casual MMOs and Immersive Worlds
Many so-called "casual MMOs" and immersive worlds are casual only in the sense that the point of the game is not to bash gruesome looking monsters or the game isn't set in a sci-fi fantasy world. The engagement story around existing and upcoming casual MMOs is real and very compelling. This panel will discuss what it takes to build a successful casual MMO that users love to play.

» Min Kim - Vice President of Marketing, Nexon America
» Patrick Ford, VP Marketing and Community Development, K2 Networks
» Kyra Reppen - SVP and GM, NeoPets
» Craig Sherman - CEO, Gaia Online

» Joey Seiler - Editor, Virtual Worlds News

User Generated Games in Social Networks and Virtual Worlds
Games are one of the most popular activities on social networks and virtual worlds. Increasingly, users are taking it upon themselves to create games and entertainment of their own within the context of existing online environments. Curious as to what's driving this behavior?

» Daniel James - CEO, Three Rings
» Jeremy Monroe - Director of Business Development, Sports & Entertainment, North America, Sulake Inc.
» Ted Rheingold - Founder, Dogster and Catster
» Cary Rosenzweig - President and CEO, IMVU

» Dean Takahashi - Writer, Venture Beat

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