Monday, August 25, 2008

Getting the Google Dinner Story Wrong... Valleywag's Nonstory

Valleywag's Owen Thomas was first misinformed about Google supposedly cutting out dinner for all its employees. Then to save face he posts, "Dinner saved for Google's geeks," trying to make it seem like it was a move against non-engineers:

Google's food cutbacks are more targeted than we'd first heard. Dinner will still be served in buildings which house engineers, according to a former Google chef who's made his own inquiries about the changes at the Googleplex cafeterias. Google's only eliminating the evening meal in cafes frequented by nontechnical employees.

Wrong. Google is just cutting back cafeterias that are less frequented during dinner time. Period. It's not about favoring engineers. When Christine (my wife's at Google) heard about this, she was like, "Eh. Whatever. Not a big deal and not true."

Funny how sometimes news is far from the truth. I guess that's why Valleywag is considered a tabloid. An entertaining tabloid though :)

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