Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"The Dark Knight" Review

This past weekend I saw "The Dark Knight" and walked away thoroughly impressed. Rarely would I rate a movie four stars and rarely do I enjoy comic book adaptations since I grew up as a fanatic. I collected comic books and sadly read thousands of them during my youth :) My favorite was Frank Miller's limited series, "The Dark Knight Returns." It displayed a gritty, darker world and Batman through art, words and a storyline that was burned into your cortex.

Christopher Nolan captured Miller's Batman in "Batman Begins" and brings the actual "The Dark Knight Returns" comic to the movie screen in "The Dark Knight." It was simply one of the best movies I have seen in years. From beginning to end, the movie kept you in its parallel universe and of the dark Gotham City. The high quality of the storyline, action scenes, humorous moments, and intensity was woven into the fabric of the whole movie.

Heath Ledger was incredible. The whole cast was solid, but Ledger made the movie believable. It wasn't a comic book story to him. It was a real world that he, Nolan, Bale and others brought to life on the screen for us to ponder upon.

Also if you didn't know, Frank Miller's comics were the direct basis for the movies "Sin City" and "300."

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