Sunday, June 29, 2008

"So you think they can break-dance?"... Koreans Leading Break-Dancing

Fun article on break-dancing in Korea. When I was in junior high (early 80s), there were a fair amount of Korean Americans crazy about break-dancing so it's funny to see this dance form making a come back over the years. It seems dancing is an Asian thing too. During high school, I remember the best dancers in various contests in Chicago were either African Americans or Filipino Americans, and in MTV's America's Best Dance Crew there is a disproportionate number of Asian Americans relative to their population numbers.

So you think they can break-dance?
Forget the Bronx and South Central. If you want to find the best hip-hop dancers in the world look farther east, to South Korea.

By Jeff Chang

This summer, the United States is reaching new heights of dance fever as TV shows like Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance" and MTV's "Randy Jackson Presents: America's Top Dance Crew" have returned to the airwaves. MTV's runaway hit is considered especially cutting edge, showcasing hip-hop dance groups from across America. But if MTV really wants the best dance crew, it should be looking in South Korea.

"Of the top six or seven crews in the world, I'd say half of them are from Korea," says Christopher "Cros One" Wright, 33, an American dance promoter and b-boy who was recently in Suwon, South Korea, to judge the second annual global invitational hip-hop dance competition, called R16, that was held at the end of May. (full article)

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