Tuesday, May 27, 2008

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"PR Secrets for Startups" by Brian Solis
Good post. I disagree with Loic's response below. He's biased from his personal experience. Many entrepreneurs and startups do not have his network or blog that can generate such easy interest. Additionally, not every startup team has the ability to be a company's spokesperson.

"PR secrets? bullshit." Loic Le Meur's response to Brian's post

"MBA students go for Google"

"Nine Company Blogs That Are Fun For Anyone to Read"

"Biodiesel industry off to rocky start"

"Buyer's Remorse
How Rank and File Democrats are Rejecting Their 'Inevitable' Nominee"

"Where is God in Wartime?" by Chuck Colson

"Alarm over UK hybrid embryo research"
Actually, I'm going to a Center for Bioethics and Culture event tonight where Josephine Quintavalle, mentioned in the article and an Italian countess, will be visiting from the UK. Countess Josephine heads up Comment on Reproductive Ethics in London (CORE) among her various activities.

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