Thursday, May 8, 2008

News & Links List

"Google denies staff 'brain drain'"
(Yawn) What a no story. Google has too much talent, some fat and some mistakes. They can probably unload a lot more people to Facebook and whoever else. And how many people from Google have gone to Facebook? 6, 8, or maybe 10 out of 18,000 googlers?

"Brightkite: A bright future for mobile social networking?"

"Web 2.0, Please Meet Your Host, the Internet"
Good piece by Allan Leinwand

"The War for the Web" by Andy Kessler

"Yoono Invites & Head-to-Head Comparison with Digsby, Flock"

"A Widget's Worth
Social networkers frequenting the likes of Facebook can't get enough of these small apps, but developers are still trying to determine how to make money"

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