Friday, March 28, 2008

News & Links List

"IBM supports cleantech startups"

"Solar moving south? Rebate plan falters in San Francisco as southern California gains massive project"

"Comcast and Time Warner to bankroll WiMax joint venture"

"Yahoo, Google, MySpace form nonprofit OpenSocial Foundation"

"Corporate employee blogs: Lawsuits waiting to happen?"

"Does Anybody Pay Attention To Banner Ads"

"Are Overconfident Executives More Inclined to Commit Fraud?" Knowledge@Wharton

"Conservatives Really Are More Compassionate" by George Will
Are you really surprised?

"The Culture of Death is Heroin" by Wesley J. Smith

The culture of death is like heroin: Once you start to mainline, it is never enough.

Consider the experience of the Netherlands. When euthanasia was quasi-legalized there by court order in 1973, access to mercy killing and assisted suicide were supposed to be limited to the very few. The killing would all be governed by euthanasia guidelines that, the Dutch people were assured, would protect against abuse. These included repeated requests, a lingering desire for death, second medical opinions, and a requirement that euthanasia was the only way to eliminate severe pain or suffering.

It hasn't turned out that way, of course... (full post)

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