Tuesday, March 18, 2008

News & Links List

One of my favorite TED talks this year, Dave Eggers: 2008 TED Prize wish: Once Upon a School:
Accepting his 2008 TED Prize, author Dave Eggers asks the TED community to personally, creatively engage with local public schools. With spellbinding eagerness, he talks about how his 826 Valencia tutoring center inspired others around the world to open their own volunteer-driven, wildly creative writing labs. But you don't need to go that far, he reminds us -- it's as simple as asking a teacher "How can I help?" He asks that we share our own volunteering stories at his new website, Once Upon a School.

Chris Abani spoke at TED2008, but here is his TEDGlobal 2007 talk, Learning Africa's stories: Chris Abani on TED.com:
Novelist and poet Chris Abani believes the heart of a place can be best understood through its poems and narratives. He talks about African and Nigerian stories -- including his own story of artistic and political awakening, which began with an inventive teacher who taught him the forbidden history of his own people. How, he asks, can we reconcile stories of terror and war and corruption with one's enduring sense of pure wonder?

"The Obama Bargain" by Shelby Steele in the WSJ

"Is Ferraro Right About Obama?" by Dinesh D'Souza

"Congressional Stuntmen (and Speaker)" (or "Nancy Pelosi is an idiot")

"FriendFeed Adds Search, And Suddenly Feels Like A Destination Site"

"RecycleBank gets $30M from Kleiner Perkins to reward recyclers"

"Two Marcs and a pimp?" (Marc Canter at it again:) Yes, I use to work with Marc)

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