Monday, March 10, 2008

MIX08 Follow Up

Last week's Microsoft MIX08 was a pretty good conference for Innotive and my friends. Jimmy was on the following panel discussion and was good enough to be invited to another conference to speak. Outside of a business setting, he's hilarious. Anyway, some of his major points are at 27:00, 43:10 and 53:15 (here he gives a pretty good Hugo Boss analogy) of the video.

How Design Impacts the Bottom Line

Is good design good business? Listen to these customers discuss how good design helped them:
- Reach the market faster with lower development costs
- Increase the revenues and retained earnings of their products or services
- Increase market share.

You'll hear how design has created real competitive advantage for businesses across the spectrum from consumer to business brands. Hear from the design professionals who did the work, and the customers who hired them.

Here is their main presentation:

Effective User Interfaces in Windows Presentation Foundation and Microsoft Silverlight
(yeah, the title is lame and not really descriptive or catchy)

Come see how customizable user interfaces were created by extending XAML in a way that integrates various content formats into a single consistent UI. Learn how to build an effective UI, extend XAML, build a Windows Presentation Foundation and Microsoft Silverlight application that can consume extended XAML, and much more.

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